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IEHA Southern Chapter Meeting
May 9th 2019

Minutes from the Southern Chapter meeting

    Southern Chapter Minutes --Meeting of May 9th 2019
    Attended by; Karl Glaze, Doug Ginder, Christina Pierini, Kylie Shepard, Ryan Cushman,
    Mackenzie Lancaster, Dan Schroeder, Christa Manus, Tracy Monroe, Brenda Cummings, Hank Wolfe
    Guests; Beth Bowen, Mike Sutton

    Meeting opened at 11:32
    Minutes from last meeting were approved
    Karl opened by announcing the new head of food protection Amanda Clevendar
    Committee reports;
    Treasure Report: $400.85 and $5.00 in savings Reimbursement $68.72 Jennifer Heller for snacks and tip at last meeting $332.13 Donations $21.00 current balance $353.13
    No other committee reports 

    OLD BUSINESS- Still no Secretary Karl asked for volunteers Mackenzie Lancaster volunteered and was voted in as Secretary

    NEW BUSINESS; No new business

    Karl motioned to close the meeting Ryan Cushman motioned and Christina Pierini seconded the motion

    Meeting adjourned at 11:37




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