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IEHA Southern Chapter Meeting
February 27, 2020

    Meeting Called to Order at 10:15 by Jennifer Heller Members Present Jill Stauffer, Karen Gordon, Karl Glaze, Mary Wilson (IU Intern for BCHD), Simeon Baker, Ryan-Kasper Cushman, Madeline Hatcher, Cassandra Heinlein, Nicole Wagner, Arissa Ruano, Will Clagett, Shelly Patterson, Beth Bowlen, Christini Pierini, Steve Cale, Jennifer Heller, Carol Coudret, Leigh Watson, Danny Schoeder, Christa Manus, Tracy Monroe, Tom Reoch.

    Treasurer’s Report Ryan Cushman informed members the 2019 ledger had been submitted to Auditor’s office and contained 8 transactions for the year. He also stated the current balance of the fund was $251.30 with an outstanding payment due of $8.97.

    Committee Reports

    1) Food Safety Committee Meetings

    a) Nicole Wagner reported on the December 5th meeting that was held at Crossroad Farms Dairy in Indianapolis. Discussed were openings at ISDH for wholesale food safety inspectors and the new food code, 410 IAC 7-26, which was moving forward again. Additionally, Wagner reported there were now over 100 registered wild mushroom inspectors and the new food code would support using tags on the approved mushrooms, similar to shell stock tags. Wagner went on to discuss the retail section working with Starbucks to determine the safety of Nitro coffee and the micro market fees that may affect LHD’s. Upcoming training dates were given for Food Safety 101 on March 4th in Tippecanoe County and June 30th in Harrison County. Wagner also reported Sarah Dallas and Amy Ayers elected as 2020 IEHA Food Protection Committee Co-Chairs

    2) General Environmental – Doug Ginder

    a) Doug Ginder was not present at the meeting and Heller discussed the upcoming IVCA conference to be held at the Brown County Inn March 8th-10th. 3)

    Wastewater- Karl Glaze

    a) Glaze updated members on the recent IOWPA conference which was held January 21st and 22nd. He stated bylaws were in the process of being updated that set the regulation of the organization so they could qualify as a Not for Profit and said they had record membership currently. Elections for Board of Directors took place in January and Glaze said he will serve as President, Jon Houseknecht will serve as Vice President, Gary Steinhardt as Treasurer, and Kyle Nix as Secretary to the board. Glaze said they needed committee members and if anyone was interested to contact IOWPA, a board member, or a committee member. Glaze also stated their next meeting would be in Indianapolis on March 12th at 1:00PM and the Pump Assisted drain guidance document final draft was being completed and would be discussed.

    4) TAHP-Jennifer Heller

    a) Heller updated members on recent activities including 2 upcoming courses: “Bomb Threat Management Planning MGT-451” course May 19th and “Vehicle Borne . IED Detection Per-312”, both being instructor led training, accredited and requiring no prerequisites to be held at the Brown County Annex Building. Heller said she attended a WMD conference hosted by the FBI in Indianapolis and discussed was Fentanyl being weaponized into a gas and measures to prevent exposure and new PPE needed to combat the threat. Heller also spoke of the fire marshal’s hazmat trailer being finalized and that it could be loaned out to counties. Other topics Heller briefed members on included contamination of dog treats, pesticide use on salad bars, a mobile analytical lab, DIY biolabs and the use of drones.

    5) Old Business a) No old business.

    6) New Business a) Heller announced the Spring Conference for IEHA was to be held April 16th at the Season’s Conference Center in Nashville, Indiana. The Azalea Garden was also announced as the next chapter meeting location for a date to be decided sometime in May.

    7) Meeting Adjourned 10:32




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