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IEHA Southern Chapter Meeting
September 11, 2019

Minutes from the Southern Chapter meeting

    Southern Chapter Minutes --Meeting of Sept 11th, 2019

    Attended by:
    Ryan Kasper-Cushman, Christina Perini, Jennifer Heller, Karl Glaze, Bill Tuley, Geoff Stoner, Penny Caudill, Nicole Wagner, Doug Ginder, Hank Wolfe, Karen Gordon, Carol Coudret, Leigh Watson, Claire Will, Kylie Shephard
    Meeting opened at 11:05
    Elections were held;
    Motions by the group for Ryan Kasper-Cushman to continue as Treasurer, Christina Perini to continue as Vice President, Madeline Moon to continue as Secretary.  Jennifer Heller nominated as President, motion to accept Jennifer as President, all in favor of all motions, motions carry.
    Committee assignments;  Doug Ginder to continue as General Environmental, Jennifer Heller to continue as TAHP, Nicole Wagner to become Food Protection and Karl Glaze will remain as Wastewater rep.
    Committee Reports :
    General Environmental – Doug Ginder;
    Tick surveillance and mosquito surveillance (thousands of mosquitoes were tested) were carried out in the State this summer. West Nile Virus was found in mosquitoes but no people as yet have been tested positive for this virus The Photo contest for IEHA Fall conference is closing on the 13th, get your entries in.  There is discussion in the committee for creating a student IEHA chapter.  The legislation for creating a Point of Sale requirement for septic systems was not passed in this session.  Indira Frank is working on a code for hospitals.
    Fall Conference Sessions are;  "NC13 Dynamics in Indoor Pool Facilities", "Conducting Effective and Efficient Pool Inspections, "Lead Hazards in Indiana", "Tick Surveillance Update"
    Terrorism and All Hazards Preparedness- Jennifer Heller
    The TAHP committee hosted a course called "Protective Measures" on April 25th from the Office of Bombing Prevention, with a tabletop exercise on protection of a stadium. The TAHP Committee also hosted a Bomb Prevention Awareness class in Brown County on July 19th from the same agency. The next class is November 14-15th called "Community Healthcare Planning and Response to Disasters".  The class is free and open to all. Targeted participants include Public Health Departments. Contact Jennifer ( for a flyer.
    The fall conference sessions are;  "Planning and Protection of Crowded Places and Soft Targets", "Indiana Pipeline Awareness", "Hazmat I-65 Semi-truck accident" and "Environmentally restricted sites and the Tools to Find Them".
    Food Protection – Jennifer Heller
    The Food Protection Committee met on August 12th, speakers were Abby McIntyre who attended the International Food Protection Committee meeting in Louisville this summer. Topics there included poultry washing (don't), handwashing, and food delivery services. Second speaker was Janelle Kaufman, on Food Delivery Trucks, Pop-UP food catering, and unmanned salad machine dispensers not being legal in Indiana. 
    At the Indiana State Fair, the ISDH gave out 3,000 thermometers with instructions for use.
    Fall conference sessions for Food Protection are;
    Grease Traps and interceptors, avoiding personal liability, sampling techniques, meth in Food facilities, food recycling, food code interpretations and ISDH updates with the new Food Protection head, Manda Clevenger.
    Treasurer's Report;
    The Initial balance was $400.85, there was a reimbursement to Jennifer Heller for a portion of the Big Woods Pizza bill for the group meeting there of $68.72, a deposit of $21.00 from the donations for that meeting. There was a dispensation received of $365.00 from the IEHA for the Southern Chapter's share of the IEHA membership fee for a total of $718.13 in checking and $5.00 in saving accounts.  Motion to approve, all in favor
    Karl requested a motion to sponsor a break at the IEHA Fall Conference for $200.  All in favor, Motion approved.
    Karl requested a reimbursement to the Harrison County Health Department for the baskets they provide for the silent auction at the IEHA Fall conference.  Motion to allow up to $200 for these baskets, all in favor motion carries.
    Next meeting date TBD, possibly Bloomington.

    Motion to adjourn at 11:26 all in favor, meeting adjourned




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